In Search Of: My Ideal Client

I originally wrote this post for my Active Rain blog in 2008 – I love the overall feel and meaning, but it was sadly in need of an update! So below is the refreshed version…

Most of you who read my blog know that I am a Real Estate Virtual Assistant and that I market / brand myself as “The 10 Hour VA” and that I believe in showing “The Value” that I can provide to you in just 10 hours per month.  I do not want my clients counting hours or pennies when working with me, I want them to focus on what I can accomplish for them in 10 hours every month.  I want to build that ongoing relationship, I want to show you the value and have a vested interest in your success as a real estate professional.  To describe my goal better, here’s a paragraph from the home page on my website:

My concept is that clients who partner with me for 10 hours per month, on retainer, have a clear outlined value that they can expect to receive.  I’m not going to punch a time clock, I am not going to be micro-managed and report to my clients every minute of my time – because all that does is waste time, what I am going to do is work.  Work to achieve value for my clients.  Money comes hard, but I want to work with you and show you how working with can improve your overall marketing efforts, administrative effectiveness, and basically take over the parts of running your business that you put off or don’t excel at and help your business grow financially. Then maybe that money will come a little easier…

So, who is my ideal client?  Well, my ideal client is a real estate professional who:

  1. Communicates well via email.
    Constant phone calls are disruptive to my work schedule and usually just starts a game of phone tag – email allows you the freedom to get back to each other at your convenience and is usually a much more thorough method of communication.  It also gives me a reference to refer back to so that I can make sure that my client’s needs are being met.
  2. Can afford me…
    I offer the highest value in return for my monthly retainer fee, but you should certainly not be looking at whether you should pay me this month, or your utility bills!  You must have figured on my services and budgeted for the expense.
  3. Is willing to listen to my ideas / strategies…
    I have been doing this since 2000, I am a licensed agent myself, and I have worked with agents all over the country.  I don’t know everything – no where close – but I have a great general knowledge of how to handle things and improve upon things and how best to allocate my time for my client’s biggest value return.  I learn tons from my clients everyday, and who knows, maybe someday I will get back out there as an active agent, but right now I am just happy keeping up to date and knowing that I am helping others out there do what needs to be done to improve their business.
  4. Has a goal.
    I love working with clients who tell me that by the end of XXX I want to accomplish XYZ.  It’s a challenge and I love working with clients to achieve their goals.
  5. Has a sense of humor.
    Enough said.
  6. Is Respectful.
    I am very appreciative of the time that my clients take to send me over their information, tasks, etc…as well as of all of their other time committments.  All I ask is that my clients show me the same courtesy.  Keeping me on retainer does not mean that I am your slave, chained to my computer.  It means that I allocate so many hours per month to do my best for you, to provide the best and most value that I can for you.  I do not punch a time clock and I am not an employee…WHAT I Am… is an eager partner in your success!

I like to make a difference in my clients’ business visibility and bottom line.  The best thing about my value packages is that they are tailored to my clients…we can make them whatever YOU need.  For some examples, you can visit the “A lot can be accomplished in 10 hours” page on my website.

Are you my ideal client?  Do items 1-6 above sound like you?  Do you need help with blogging, website maintenance, listing maintenance, proposals, CMAs, marketing, newsletters, advertising listings, etc…???  If this sounds like you, than you could be my ideal client and I want to meet you!  Please click on the “Get Started Now” link on the top of this page.  You can read about some of my other clients, about my memberships and affiliations and contact me directly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post about my ideal client…now, it’s obvious that I know who my ideal client is – the question is, do you know who your ideal client is?  LOL  (I always like to turn the tables!)

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