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Get Started Utilizing My Real Estate Support Services As Your Real Estate VA

Here’s how it works… Once you’ve decided that you are interested in partnering with me to grow your business, simply send me this email form Contact Me to get me some initial information and let me know what consultation method you would prefer, email or phone. Once the consultation is taken care of, which is when we will discuss fees (very reasonable – one new closing received as a benefit of partnering with me could very reasonably cover my retainer fees for up to two full years!), and if we have decided to work together, then I will send you a contract as well as the credit card authorization slip for the monthly retainer. With those details out of the way, we can then get down to work!

Wait! Before you fill out this form, read this to see if we should be working together – it’s important to me to make sure that I am working with my ideal clients only.

Let’s get started today – click on the link above! I look forward to working with you.

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