my-purposeTo prove to my clients how my value-based, real estate support services can help their business in just 10 hours every month. I am The 10 Hour VA℠.

My concept is that my Real Estate Virtual Assistant clients who partner with me for 10 hours per month, on retainer, have a clear outlined value that they can expect to receive. What I am going to do is work. Not punch a time clock and report every minute to my clients, not be micro-managed, I am a trained professional – a professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is going to WORK to achieve value for my clients. Money comes hard, especially these days with the turn in the market…I have faith that it will turn back around…but I want to work with you now and show you how working with eRealty Network, LLC can improve your overall marketing efforts, administrative effectiveness, and basically take over the parts of running your business that you put off or don’t excel at and and that I can help your business grow financially. Then maybe that money will start flowing little easier back in your direction…

Please visit the “A Lot Can Be Accomplished In 10 Hours…” page to see a detailed description of some of the ways that I, as your real estate virtual assistant, can help you in just 10 hours per month. Once you’ve read that page and see how much contracting with me, as your real estate VA, can accomplish in just 10 hours per month, please visit the “Get Started Now” page.

I look forward to working with you and showing you The Value of 10℠!

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